Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Garnet Ring

My new wholecloth quilt is finished at last!

It took me ages to accomplish the feathers, as I stitched them with a metallic coloured thread. That thread proved to be a nightmare to hand quilt with, but I still love the shimmering effect it produces 

This special shimmer of the thread set against a subtle sheen of the satin cotton fabric reminds me of looking into the depths of a precious stone - hence the quilt's name.
I decided to decorate it with some lace and glass beads, as the quilt looked rather unfinished with a plain binding.

Thank you for coming, and have a great week!


  1. Леночка, ах!!! Какая красивая, эффектная, чудесная салфеточка, я до сих пор в восторге с того момента, когда ты мне ее показала при нашей встречи, прелесть!:))) Какая аккуратная, ровная и роскошная стежка, замечательно край отбработала, нежно и празднично! УМНИЧКА;)

  2. Очень красиво!Цвет замечательный!